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At True Talent, we stand behind our statement of purpose, "Create, Motivate, Educate".

For a dancer to excel in their school obligations as well as extracurricular activities is no easy task. Therefore, True Talent would like to recognize those dancers and assist in their educational growth by awarding a $500 college scholarship, to a graduating senior who plans to participate in a program of higher education of in the fall of 2024.

It is our hope that with this opportunity our dancers will the feel the support, motivation and drive of the dance community and embody the essence of True Talent, remembering always to reach for the stars.


Question 1.  How will the traits and values you have developed being part of a team impact your next steps in life ?


Question 2: Why do you think you should receive this scholarship and how would receiving it impact you and your future goals? (Please share within 3 sentences) 

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